Company’s History

Company’s History

“TATAVTODOR” – is the oldest road-building company of Tatarstan, established in April 1929. During 1960s – 70s “TATAVTODOR” created the network of supporting motor roads that provides for stable autotransport communication in Tatarstan between all its towns, districts and most country townships and villages. Up to year 1996 the Company not only built and serviced the roads, but also performed the state control over the road engineering in the Republic.

In 2008 a new page was opened in the history of our Company. According to the Decision of RT Cabinet of Ministers No.763 of December 29, 2007 was performed amalgamation of “TATAVTODOR” with “Dorozhniy Service RT” Co. Thus was established the new JSC “TATAVTODOR” that maintains the fine traditions of the past, but also aims at mastering the new trends and innovations in highway engineering. The Company aims to follow as close as possible the European standards of quality and life of motor roads.

At present JSC “TATAVTODOR” is the biggest road building company in the Republic, with highest production capacity and greatest number of staff and personnel, and owns the most wide network of working units in the districts.

Following the strategy of innovative development, in 2009, JSC “TATAVTODOR” put into operation 6 high-capacity asphalt-mixing plants in different areas of the Republic with the aim to provide the future wide-scale road building with high-grade asphalt.

From the beginning and up to year 1996 “TATAVTODOR” performed the state control over the Republic road industry and at the same time conducted enormous work for building, repair and servicing of public motor roads.

We would like to remind that “TATAVTODOR” created the network of supporting motor roads that permits to travel from the capital of Tatarstan to all its towns, district centers and most country townships and villages along the asphalt-concrete roads.

History of road-building in Tatarstan
  • until 1940

  • 1940-1970

  • 1970-1980