Production and technology

Modern Techniques

Application of binders with non-oxidized bitumen base with addition of polymeric modifiers

For several years, specialists of JSC “Tatavtodor” have been studying the possibility to use non-oxidized bitumen as a component of asphalt-concrete mixes. In 2021-2022, in collaboration with OOO “Smart Bitum” they have finally succeeded and started the production of said binders according to GOST 58400.2-2019 state standard.

Using RAU on the roads of the Republic of Tatarstan

In 2021-2022 specialists of our company have studied and introduced into construction process a new construction material, RAU. This material was developed on the basis of technical norms for Swiss asphalt-concrete mixes, which include ACMR (8, 11), or "rau" (German for "rough"). This type of asphalt features a rough surface due to grain size and high porosity (3-6%) of the material.

Extension of regulatory framework: New product types and test modes

To introduce and extend the regulatory framework with new product types and test modes, and to enable their production on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan, JSC "Tatavtodor" had developed the following standards:   

1. СТО 0112-85132080-2020 Public auto roads. Asphalt-concrete porous mastics mixes and asphalt-concrete. Technical requirements.

2. СТО 0312-85132080-2020 Public auto roads. Method of evaluation of adhesion efficiency of oil asphalt and mineral aggregate. Testing methods.

3. СТО 0512-85132080-2020 Public auto roads. Macadam-and-mastics asphalt-concrete mixes; macadam-and-mastics asphalt, grade 5 (ЩМА-5). Technical requirements.

Latex emulsion: production and on site application New type of water-based bitumen emulsion was developed and produced in 2020. Latex emulsion is used to form a PMB membrane on a treated surface.
Polymeric modifiers in asphalt-concrete mixes
Since 2012 various polymeric modifiers for asphalt binders have been used by specialists of JSC “Tatavtodor”. Polymeric modifiers enhance the efficiency of asphalt-concrete mixes by increasing their processibility and performance properties.
Geodetic drones for high precision aerial photography In 2019, a set of geodetic drones for aero-geodetic survey was bought by JSC “Tatavtodor”.
“Tatavtodor” Portable

“Tatavtodor” Mobile App was introduced in the beginning of the present construction season by IT and Production and Technical departments of JSC “Tatavtodor”.

Using of natural bitumen from Pitch Lake (Trinidad island) in production of asphalt-concrete The key property of natural asphalt as an addition to “synthesized” is that it slows down the oxidation in the adhesive, which was proved many times by tests in rolling thin film oven (RTFOT).
Soil stabilization technology First soil stabilization works using lime were conducted at teas area in 2010, and from 2011 the company started to use the mix-in-place method widely.
Construction of cement stabilized auto road courses using mix-in-place method Construction of auto road surface courses of sand and gravel mix of various grade, strengthened with cement using mix-in-place method is a cost-effective alternative to macadam road base construction.
Construction of asphalt-concrete surfaces at unfavorable temperatures using hot boxes In course of construction of asphalt-concrete surfaces in spring and summer, when air temperature is below 5°С, and in autumn with air temperature below 10°С, workers of JSC “Tatavtodor” use Graber Baumaschinen hot box for transportation of hot asphalt-concrete mix.
In 2018 JSC “Tatavtodor” bought two attachable 0.7 m3 excavator V-buckets, to help reduce ditching time and exclude manual work. A V-bucket is a variation of ditch bucket, it is used for making unlined ditches or ditches that later will be fortified with mass concrete.
Production of cement concrete mixes with ZM-410-HP Zim-Mixer concrete-mixing plant (made by Zimmerman Industries) In June of 2017 JSC “Tatavtodor” has added Volvo FM13 8x4-mounted ZM-410-HP Zim-Mixer mobile concrete-mixing plant (produced by Zimmerman Industries) to its vehicle park.
Construction of surfaces of porous mastic asphalt-concrete mixes
For the last five years the company has the opportunity to produce materials innovative for Russia, such as porous mastic asphalt-concrete, as well as conventional dense, porous and macadam-and-mastics asphalt-concrete.
Strengthening of the slopes using Terramesh system Terramesh® (Maccaferri, Italy) system gabions are intended for strengthening of the high cut slopes, slops or coast lines, and they are also used for strengthening of the slopes near water conduit pipes. The gabions are aesthetic, very reliable, durable and eco-friendly.
Macadam and sand mix Making of the road bed using interspersing method with high-strength hardly compacted macadam according to the existing material consumption rates results in poor quality of the roads and is a very labour-intensive process.
Winter maintenance of the auto roads The worst season for road maintenance service and road users is always winter. During winter period different types of slipperiness occurs on the auto roads, that lowers adhesion coefficient and enhances the probability of automobile accident on the auto roads.
Pothole repair of the asphalt-concrete pavement using thermal containers To enhance quality of pothole repair works with asphalt-concrete mixes, in 2010 the company bought 15 sets of pothole repair machinery.
3D digital control systems One of the newest advanced methods in road building is digital automatic control system for machinery using 3D leveling system control during the erection of the road bed embankment, construction of the pavement layers and scraping of the asphalt-concrete layer.
Cold Regeneration This technique was developed in USA in late 1950s.
Broken Rock-Mastic Asphalt Concrete In recent years more and more heavy freight transport comes onto the motor roads. So the load over the road pavement grew very much.
Thin-layer pavement layers of Broken Rock-Mastic Asphalt Concrete ЩМАс-5 With the exception of network of Federal and Regional Highways, the public motor roads of Tatarstan Republic have low traffic intensity and density of freight traffic. Judging from that, the main reason for destruction of these roads‘ covering is not the insufficient load-carrying capacity of the roadway covering structure, but the ageing, shortening of the life cycle of the upper-most layer due to climatic influences such as high and low ambient temperature, humidity, sun radiation etc. These problems might be solved through the use of Broken Rock-Mastic Asphalt mix for creation of upper paving layer.
Сonstruction of spiral corrugated metal water pipes

Specialists of JSC “Tatavtodor” have been using spiral corrugated metal water pipes (SCMWP) with diameter of 0.5 to 2.5 m in construction, reconstruction and renovation of auto roads since 2010.