Production and technology

Our Own Laboratories

Our Own Laboratories

Laboratory service of JSC “Tatavtodor” is responsible for complex measurements and research according to the regulatory documents, which are necessary for quality construction, reconstruction, overhaul repair and maintenance of auto roads and artificial constructions.

Laboratory service consists of central laboratory and ten laboratories of the branches, seven of which were certificated by Certificates of competence of laboratories in the system of Russian certification of road building, and are successful participants of interlaboratory comparison tests of results of construction building materials checkout, organized by the Russian system of road building certification.

The laboratories are complete with:

  • Qualified specialists and staff;
  • Newest testing equipment, measurement equipment, devices and inventory for fulfilled works;
  • Timely repair, tests, calibration and certification of test equipment and measurements inventory;
  • Workspace according to sanitary norms;
  • Special transport and equipment for timely control sampling and raids for quality check of production and works.

Each of the laboratories is ready to:

  • Participate in survey of construction materials and soils;
  • Control the quality of the applied road construction materials, soils and output products, including asphalt-concrete mix, mineral powder, emulsified bitumen, salt and sand mix and salt solution;
  • Participate in experimental use of new products, materials, constructions, equipment and such, and in the development of recommendation on their introduction into production process;
  • Participate in the process of introduction of the new technologies of the new test and measurement equipment, methods of laboratory and field testing during construction, reconstruction and repair of the auto roads.

Ingredients for the mixes are selected in the Central laboratory. The laboratories of the branches control the use of the mixes in production and modify them in case of change of the materials and works technology.

Regular qualification training of the personnel of the laboratories is organized in JSC “Tatatvodor”.

As a part of subprogram “Auto roads” of the Federal program “Development of the Russian transport system for years 2010-2015” and long-termed special purpose program “Development of the transport system of the Republic of Tatarstan for years 2010-2015” the laboratory service of JSC “Tatavtodor” conducts scientific research of modern technologies and components in construction and reconstruction of the auto road net, especially in the country, in order to increase quality, provide longlife and reduce cost of auto road construction and reconstruction.